Floppy Links: 14th January 2008

January 14, 2008 at 8:06 pm | Posted in Floppy Links | Leave a comment

Gizmodo get their comeuppance: Childish fools (C/Net)

Wonderbra Ad: A clever… eh, fan-made one (YouTube)

Running The Numbers: An American Portrait (Chris Jordan)

Illusion: Can you see the face? If not, then you are blind (Flickr)

Darwin Award Winners 2007: Be thankful you’re not on it (DarwinAwards)

Dublin city WiFi is unallowed: Plus there’s the small case of €27m (Boingboing)

N64 Goldeneye on Xbox Live is almost complete: Shame Nintendo won’t allow it (1up)

How to shoot light trails: In case the world’s fate depends on it (Digital Photography)

Best comic ever: I wish I was this good at making comics (Amazing Super Powers)

Battlestar Galactica/ Star Wars themed cars: It’s the new flame design (i09)

Design the perfect logo: I believe that honour lies with (You The Designer)

PS2 games from your hard drive: As handy as the R4 (Endgadget)

Flash game of the day: Filler- More addictive than free chocolate

Murder, unscripted: Who needs the writers, anyways?



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