Heath Ledger: Pay some respect, please.

January 23, 2008 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Celebrities | 2 Comments


Alex Bragg from BWE.tv puts it better than I ever could:

Dear Media,

Now that we’ve all had a few hours to process today’s shocking news of Heath Ledger’s untimely passing, I would like to say this little blog prayer to the gods of decency and dignity (if they haven’t already been killed and buried under an episode of The Simple Life), that the tabloid media – and the mainstream news outlets who seem to keep blurring that line these days – not submit to the tempting but misguided urge to turn the death of a troubled and talented individual into some kind of carnival freakshow by speculating and sensationalizing every aspect of the man’s life, until his entire being has been picked to the bone and broadcast on primetime television, along with the sycophantic parade of people who hardly knew him, but claimed to be close friends, just to get their name in the news (even if means distorting the truth to make for better TV when they do). Spare us the paparazzi vultures waiting outside the place of his death, wondering how much they’ll be paid for footage of a corpse being rolled into an ambulance. Spare us your “EXCLUSIVES” and petty rumormongering reports that contain no relevant information and whose sole purpose is turning a profit on his demise. These ugly side-effects of the celebrity phenomenon are nothing but a blight on our culture.

Is what happened today sad? Of course it is, especially to the poor people who truly knew and loved him. But in the context of everything else that is currently happening in this big and complicated world of ours, I would say that the passing of an actor – as beloved as he might have been – hardly qualifies as a global tragedy, as thus does not require the kind of endless and exploitative “around the clock” headline news coverage you gave us when Anna Nicole Smith died. I know that this is a website where we’re supposed to make you laugh at the expense of the famous, but still, just because the voyeuristic celebrity-obsessed culture you (and I) helped create is willing to watch this kind of garbage, doesn’t mean that we HAVE to give it to them. A man died, as we all will. So have some class, show some respect, and please, by the gods of decency and dignity, exercise a little restraint.

Our regularly scheduled non-earnest posting will resume tomorrow.

Posted by Alex Blagg



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  1. Amen.

  2. So well put.

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