Bond 22: Quantum Of Solace

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Rick was quick off the mark in unveiling the worst major franchise subtitle since The Phantom Menace or Leprachaun 2: Back To Tha Hood earlier today. Bond 22 is now going to be called “Quantum Of Solace”. Catchy title, eh? I was hoping they’d go the same route as the sequels to Batman (The Dark Knight), Superman (Man Of Steel) and plump for 007.

I suppose it’s one of the less crappy titles from the original Ian Fleming books. From the collections of short Bond stories For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy and The Living Daylights, the other lamer options were:

  • Risico” – James Bond takes on Sisqo’s retarded brother in a race around the world, probably.
  • The Hildebrand Rarity” – Bond goes back in time and becomes Sherlock Holmes sidekick for a day to solve the case of a rare three-legged dog terrorizing a small part of London- Hildebrand.
  • The Property of a Lady” – 007 is brought to court over damaging a lady’s property in one of his high speed chases.
  • 007 in New York” – a delightful romp in which Bond goes on a wild shopping spree.
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – A camp musical (unlike those really butch ones) featuring a flying car on a mission to take down the U.S.S.R. starting by destroying their supply of Curly Wurly bars. Those socialist republic lads were mad for them.

I’ve read a lot of confusion over the title. It means “an amount of comfort” and if you didn’t know that, you are an idiot. It makes sense as the film is set directly after Casino Royale and Bond is searching for vengeance after Vespa is taken away from him. The plot of the original Fleming penned story wasn’t exactly explosive stuff but more of a character study. Here’s the outline:

Bond attends a dinner at Government House in Nassau, the Bahamas, with a boring group of guests. After dinner he makes an offensive remark to stimulate some conversation and is rewarded with a story from the Governor of the Bahamas, a tragic love story about two people worn down by bad decisions and life… one of whom turns out to be Bond’s dull dinner companion! Moral of the story is, don’t be superficial – even the dullest facade may hide interest.

I’ve tried visualising it in comic form:


Anyone thinking that the weird title ruins the chances of this film being any good is a moron. See how riveting the above comic was despite the awful joke material? The only other major series with Quantum in it’s title was Quantum Leap and, as we all know, that rocks. That kind of stuff should be taught in school.


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