Floppy Links: January 28th 2008

January 28, 2008 at 11:19 pm | Posted in Floppy Links | 2 Comments

Blasphemy: A ticket to hell has never been funnier

Creepy Cats, Creepy Cats: What are they feeding you?

Oh God I am bad with computer: How did this get here?

Fuck Planet Earth– The lion clip cracks me up every time

A typical criminal: The lion slippers crack me up every time

A Call To Action: Scientology is going down on February 10th

New Jersey Freakshows: Let’s hope this isn’t the new skanger look

Charisma As Nautural As Gravity: Chris Nolan’s tribute to Heath Ledger

Honk If You Hate Scientology: Even with illegible signs, most people honk

Cover Song Of The Day: Newton Faulkner covers Kate Nask’s Foundations

Video Of The Day: Will Ferrell is a news room hooligan:



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  1. tabp301n2g931387

  2. Cool! Pedro – you got the same spam message as me. 🙂

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