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Peep Show is something I’ve never had the chance to catch on Channel 4 so imagine my suprise to see it illegally rightfully uploaded on YouTube and GoogleVideo. I’m amazed that some people go through the bother of uploading all these things for the entertainment of others. I’m more amazed by the fact that it is illegal to have these originally free to air videos online. If anything, it’s increasing the shows popularity.

I sorted out all the uploaded videos and listed them here chronologically with episodes details stolen from Wikipedia. Enjoy.

Watch Peep Show Online:

Series 1: 2003

Episode 1: Part one/ two/ threeSeptember 19, 2003

‘Odd-couple’ roommates Mark and Jeremy are invited to their neighbour Toni’s party where Mark tries to impress her. Jeremy, meanwhile, attempts to attract Toni’s sister, whom he incorrectly believes has cancer.

Episode 2: Part one/ two/ threeSeptember 26, 2003
Tired of paying Jez’s rent, Mark decides to get him a job at his place of work, JLB Credit. Intent on becoming a musician, Jeremy tries successfully to come across as an “unemployable freak” at the interview, while Mark unintentionally makes the object of his affections, Sophie Chapman, think he’s a Nazi.

Episode 3: Part one/ two/ threeOctober 3, 2003
After being convinced by Jez to go out to a party rather than completing his Friday night grocery shopping, Mark meets and strikes up a rapport with a teenage goth called Valerie. Jez diverts them to a bowling alley along with Toni, where Mark encounters Sophie out on a date with his rival, work colleague Jeff Heaney.

Episode 4: Part one/ two/ threeOctober 9, 2003
Mark gets infatuated with charismatic visiting loan manager Alan Johnson. Jeremy tries to remember the “bad thing” that he did while on a chaotic drug binge with Super Hans.

Episode 5: Part one/ two/ threeOctober 23, 2003
Losing out in a promotion to Sophie leaves Mark needing therapy. Jeremy tries to impress Toni with his new job at the music company where Super Hans works, only for them to get together with each other. Jeremy and Mark plot revenge.

Episode 6: Part one/ two/ threeOctober 16, 2003
With Jeremy’s uncle Ray dying in a hospice, Mark invites Sophie to a date at the funeral. Jeremy reacts erratically to the realisation that his uncle’s death may be hereditary.

Episodes 5 and 6 were originally broadcast (and subsequently repeated) in reverse order, but are arranged in the listed order on the DVD release.

Series two, three and four are after the break…

Series 2: 2004

Episode 1November 12, 2004
Mark agrees to go to a dancing class (“rainbow rhythms”) with Sophie and takes Jeremy along. Jeremy meets Nancy and the two develop a taboo-breaking sexual relationship. Mark reads Sophie’s email to get a better insight into her feelings about him. Mark, Sophie, Jeremy and Nancy go to dance class member Gwyn’s house in the country where they skinnydip and engage in a game of spin the bottle. Sophie finds out Mark has been spying on her.

Episode 2November 19, 2004
Jeremy bumps into an old schoolmate, Gog, who happens to be looking for some musicians for a project. Meanwhile, Mark forms a mischievous friendship with a new work colleague, Darrel, and one of their pranks is interpreted as a racial incident. Jeremy secures Gog’s commission but spends the advance on “drugs and shoes”. Mark begins to realise at a World War II re-enactment that Darrel is racist. Jeremy and Super Hans, after failing to produce an acceptable soundtrack for Gog, attempt to get the rest of the money by visiting his house with a baseball bat.

Episode 3November 26, 2004
Mark spies on Sophie and Jeff and is erroneously labelled an alcoholic on the news while Jeremy’s relationship with Nancy becomes celibate. Johnson believes Mark to be an alcoholic and Mark must prove join an alcoholics’ help group so he can still have a shot at a business trip to Aberdeen with Sophie. Jeremy becomes suspicious that Nancy is in a sexual relationship with a homeless man, Nim, and Nancy leaves in anger. Johnson finds Mark drinking a beer and decides not to let him go on the business trip. Mark then attempts to get Jeff in trouble by bribing the security team to tape Jeff attacking him, but this backfires.[10]

Episode 4December 3, 2004
Mark meets April, a student, in a shoe shop and decides to return to the shop later to see her again, but discovers that she has gone to university in Dartmouth. Jeremy turns out to be playing a gig in the same city and so Mark goes along on the pretext of wanting to see the band. He meets her and joins her class. Jeremy is offered the frontman spot of the band for the gig after Super Hans makes a scene but Mark and Jeremy get locked in the back room of a corner shop when Jeremy tries to steal a chocolate bar. They break out (Mark says “I’m going to leave a tenner and a note”) and Jeremy is late for the gig. Mark attends a party at a professor’s house but Jeremy shows up after the gig. Mark ends up going back to April’s room, but Mark and Jeremy go home the next day disappointed.

Episode 5December 10, 2004
Sophie tells Mark that Jeff doesn’t want them seeing each other any more, so Mark attempts to make friends with Jeff with Jeremy’s help. Mark arranges a sponsored bungee jump with Sophie while Jeremy becomes friends with Jeff. The jump doesn’t go to plan and Mark briefly resorts to self-harm. Mark then pretends to be gay in front of Jeff, hoping he’ll let him see Sophie and he reveals that he never said Mark and Sophie should stop seeing each other. Mark finds out that Jeff cheated on Sophie and uses the knowledge to sabotage their relationship.

Episode 6December 17, 2004
Nancy asks Jeremy to marry her for visa reasons, to which he agrees with gusto. Toni attempts to seduce Jeremy. Sophie and Mark’s friendship is rekindled as they meet for lunch. Jeremy and Nancy are married. Later, Toni succeeds in seducing Jeremy. Mark stands up to Jeff and things look good for him and Sophie. Jeremy, due to “stupid honesty”, tells Nancy about his affair with Toni, securing the status of the relationship as “nothing more than a husk”.

Series 3: 2005

MuggingNovember 11, 2005
Jeremy decides he wishes to discontinue his relationship with Michelle, his new girlfriend. She convinces him to stay with her by offering sexual exploration; commencing with a threesome. Mark gets mugged on the way home, which was actually two youths convincing him to hand over his possessions then telling him to run away. Jeremy explains how he plans to get back together with Big Suze, and plans not to tell her about Michelle. When she arrives, Big Suze has brought her boyfriend, a muscular ex-monk called Stu. Mark begins carrying a knife, and doesn’t want Sophie to feel it whilst she flirts with him at work, and she gets annoyed at his uptight attitude.

SectioningNovember 18, 2005
Mark and Jeremy’s old Canadian University friend, Merry, comes to England and asks Jeremy and Super Hans to help her move some possessions into a new flat. It is revealed that she owns the pub under the flat, possibly as a result of the recent death of her mother, and gets Jeremy and Super Hans to manage it. However, Super Hans is “very particular about the kind of establishment” he manages, and is determined to put make some kind of anarchist or anti-corporate statement with the pub. This entails, amongst other things, naming the pub “Free The Paedos”, and leaving it in a state of unkempt disarray, with a washing machine in the middle of the floor. Jeremy is opposed to this plan. Meanwhile, Mark and Sophie’s relationship faces a challenge when Sophie is offered a promotion and moves to Bristol. She tries to deal with the relocation by convincing Mark to participate in phone sex. Mark and Jeremy are invited to Merry’s house-warming party, and gradually start to realise that she is totally insane; but not before she hands ownership of the pub to Jeremy and Super Hans.[15]

ShroomingNovember 25, 2005
Mark is due to attend a business trip in Frankfurt, so Jeremy invites Big Suze to a drugs party at the flat, with the intention of ‘putting his hand up her top’. However, Mark is ill with gastric flu and resides to come home before even getting on the plane. Jeremy tries to convince him to go by saying he looks better. Mark tries to go to bed and is riled when he finds Super Hans in there with a girl. Super Hans panics when he is stuck in their toilet, and kicks the door down. Mark fits a lock on his door, and tries to get Jeremy to hire a carpenter but ends up doing it himself. Jeremy strikes up an easy going attitude towards the carpenter, who subsequently ends up doing pretty much as he pleases on their time. Johnson calls to ask Mark to fill in at Frankfurt for another employer with the flu; and Jeremy persuades him to say yes. Mark thinks Jeremy is being supportive, when in fact he just wants to get Mark out of the flat so he can have the drugs party.

SisteringDecember 2, 2005
Mark’s sister has broken up with her husband and comes to visit; wishing to talk extensively about family issues with Mark and ‘getting it all out’. Jeremy implies that he agrees with this attitude. They sleep together, and Mark is very annoyed. Jeremy says that he is in love with Mark’s sister to throw him a bone, but Mark doesn’t buy it. Mark develops feelings for Big Suze, and Jeremy becomes suspicious.[17]

JuryingDecember 9, 2005
Jeremy gets called for Jury service, which results in him meeting and romancing the defendant, much to the chagrin of Mark. Sophie has been slacking work in Bristol, and comes to visit Mark safe in the knowledge that she can ‘pull another sicky.’ However, Johnson wants Mark to straighten her out, leaving him in a dilemma. Sophie’s increasing Liberal streak begins to phase Mark, especially when the entire group go to a gay club.

QuantockingDecember 16, 2005
Mark decides to take Sophie on a weekend break in the South West, using his Sunday Times hotel mega deal vouchers. There, he intends to propose to her; hence resolving their growing differences. Jeremy tags along, initially on the condition that he takes Big Suze, but he ends up taking Super Hans, who is attempting to go “cold turkey”. After Sophie thinks that she has got lost, Mark and Jeremy set out to rescue her, only to end up getting lost in the Quantock wilderness themselves.[19]

Series 4: 2007

Sophie’s ParentsApril 13, 2007
Mark doubts over his proposal of marriage to Sophie continue whilst he and Jeremy visit Sophie’s parents for her Birthday. Jeremy realises he was only brought along to keep Sophie’s brother Jamie company.

ConferenceApril 20, 2007
Mark is placed in charge of a departmental merger while Jeremy tries to make some quick money by pimping out his girlfriend, Big Suze to Mark’s boss, Johnson. This results in Big Suze leaving Jeremy for Johnson permanently. After insulting his entire team of helpers, Mark realises that he has nothing to present to the board and decides to run away. Upon Sophie’s advice he returns

GymApril 27, 2007
In order to avoid spending time with Sophie, Mark gets a gym membership. Whilst there he discovers that Jeremy’s ex-wife Nancy is working there. Mark tells Jeremy who then becomes desperate to get back together with her. He decides to take a job as a cleaner at the gym and sets about stopping her from dating Mark’s personal trainer Matt.

HandymanMay 4, 2007
Jeremy meets his hero, techno musician Russell “The Orgazoid”. He ends up working as his handyman, which leads Mark to become suspicious, as it seems that Jeremy’s job consists of making smoothies for him. Meanwhile Mark meets Sally at his school reunion, one the few girls who actually ever liked him. It turns out that she has married one of Mark’s childhood tormentors, Foz. Mark decides to try and seduce Sally whilst Sophie is away on a business trip.

HolidayMay 11, 2007
Jeremy takes Mark on a stag weekend, with a rented canal boat. There, they meet two sisters, Aurora and Lucy, and their father. Jeremy falls in love with Aurora, whilst Lucy becomes sexually attracted to Mark. The father offers Mark a job in India, a way out of his impending marriage to Sophie, whilst Jeremy accidentally kills, and then eats a bit of Aurora’s dog.

WeddingMay 18, 2007
It’s Mark’s wedding day. He is torn about whether he should go through with it or not. Jeremy discourages him but Mark continues. On the way to the reception, Sophie breaks down and runs away. Jeremy comforts Mark as the ‘El Dude Brothers’ are reunited.

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  2. nice one mate, you are truly a hero of the internet and i salute you 😀 iv been wastin a great deal of moderately valuble time on these links. Nothing quite like wakin up with a peep show for breakfast, gets the day off to a right positive start.

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