My Sweded Movies

January 30, 2008 at 11:06 pm | Posted in Lego Love, Movies, The Blog And I | 4 Comments


I’ve just figured out that I’ve made my own sweded movies but I never realised it until now. Here are my versions of classic movie scenes recreated with lego in case you haven’t seen them already:

In order of popularity:



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  1. The avant-garde!

  2. […] raptureponies under Art, Links, Pics, blogs, film | Tags: jack black, Lol, pedro, sweding |   He’s been sweding, and is continuing to swede, (i still don’t think i get this sweding […]

  3. legendary.. i love brick films..

    i put up a few of my favs on my happy birthday lego post

  4. That’s one hell of a post!

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