Floppy Links: 4th February 2008

February 4, 2008 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Floppy Links | Leave a comment

Definition Of A Douche: I love the fact the file name has DaneCookFan in it

Photoshop Tutorials: Great design inspirations from a slow loading site

Create Your Own Reality TV Show: Mine were Newlyweds: Fat Vampires

Punxsutawney Phil> Martin King: But how do they predict the weather?

The Peruvian Combat Soldier: Judge Dredd and Batman’s love child

Superman Versus A Lightsaber: Gizmondo ponders who would win

Dr Kawashimi Is Selfless: $22m is a large number to turn down

Scientology Has Already Lost: Anonymous are legion, winning

Illustrator Tutorials: Great design tips from such an ugly site

Deliver Us From Microsoft: Stephen Fry’s Gaurdian piece

Designing Marvels: Incredible designs and yet so simple

Frozen Grand Central: And the story behind the scenes

The Xbox 360 Laptop: From Ben Heck- The Mod God

10ft Photographs: Using only a biro and a lot patience

Arrested Development The Movie: Best News Ever

9 Power Tips For Gmail: I found these very helpful

Cover Song Of The Day: Lily Allen’s ‘Mr. Blue Sky’

Believe It Or Not: The Greatest American Hero Movie?

Because I love it, the Greatest American Hero theme tune:


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