Super Bowl XLII: The Highlights

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(Above: New York Giant’s David Tyree gets comfortable)

This wouldn’t be a pop culture blog if I didn’t cover the 42nd Super Bowl. Admittedly, I’m very late in blogging about it in comparison to other blogs but I’m still very tired from working a Sunday morning from 7am to staying up watching this thing live at 3am. The final two and half minutes being dragged out to almost an hour didn’t help.

The music: I’d like to start off by asking when did the beautiful Alicia Keyes suddenly turned white? She has no need for that much make up. Also, why were the crowd members jumping up and down during ‘If I Ain’t Got You’? It’s a slow song you over excited plonkers. Here’s her slightly rushed performance at the Superbowl XLII Pregame Show:

Why would you want to watch a Paula Abdul performance if there aren’t any cartoon cats? Here she is singing Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow, unfortunately this time it’s without MC Skat Kat:

The main performance of the Super Bowl, the half time show, belonged to Tom Petty, The Heartbreakers and a magical floating X-plorer guitar. What confused me when I was watching it is why people (mostly teenage girls, oddly enough) were running over themselves trying to get to the stage. Did they not know it was Tom Petty? I’d understand if it was Jay-Z throwing money at people or Paula Abdul or Elvis coming back from the dead. I mean, Petty only has four songs. Click here to see him performing the half time show with all four of those songs. A popular search topic online was “how old is Tom Petty?” and “was he lip-synching?”. What we do know is that he’s very clever in promoting his tour for which tickets go on sale today.

After the famous exposed breast act in 2004 by what’s-her-face, Super Bowl organisers were forced to go for a safe act and landed on Tom Petty. They could have picked someone more exciting but it could’ve been worse. Click here to see the top 10 worst choices for the Super Bowl half time show.

Oh yeah, the actual result was something along the lines of the blue team losing. Here’s the play that was critical in the Giants winning the Super Bowl.

The advertisements: There were more than 50 advertisements throughout the American broadcast of the game. That’s a huge amount when you consider that a 30 second advertisements during the Super Bowl costs $2,700,000. That’s $100,000 per second. I’d like to go through them myself but TV Squad has compiled the entire list of them here. One ad they missed out on, and I’m sure they only missed it because they were probably blinking at the time, was the 1-second Eels ad. I’ve watched the more popular ones but some of my favourites were:

I’d like to say the Diet Pepsi Max was one of my favourites too. If only they knew how to do the famous head bob justice… See you again, sports fans.


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