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The Soup presents a sneak preview of the obvious next step in spoofing. Watch it now:

This brilliant clip couldn’t be more related to the next story if it tried. Via Variety comes news that a mega-producer is trying to emulate the successes of the biggest horror movie by rolling them all into the one movie:

Multihyphenate Bo Zenga will spoof six of the highest-grossing monster movies of all time in his new project “Stan Helsing.”

Project is set up at Scott Steindorf’s Stone Village Pictures and repped in international territories by Jere Hausfater’s Essential Entertainment.

A producer on “Scary Movie,” Zenga will write and direct, with lensing skedded to begin in April. Action takes place on Halloween night, when a videostore clerk, Stan Helsing, must reluctantly save a town from the six most-feared monsters in cinematic history.

“ ‘Stan Helsing’ spoofs the six biggest movie monster franchises of all time, which collectively have grossed over $1 billion worldwide. We expect to take a healthy bite of that number,” Zenga said.

The Soup is actually a very funny pop culture show if only I could stand the smarmy-arse host. If The Soup was a blog, it would be this one- Brilliantly funny yet not very popular.


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