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(“No, we don’t have a sweded version of One Night In Paris“)

What’s going on?

There’s an event that’s taking the Irish blogosphere by storm: The Be Kind, Rewind competition. The prizes are nice and all but most of them aren’t somethings I’d find personally exciting (but that magazine subsciption will be mine, oh yes) especially in comparison to the UK version: Home cinema system and a week in Hollywood- pfft, that doesn’t beat a spot on Popscene and rental vouchers. I’m doing this for the craic anyways plus it gives me something to blog about with updates on my progress.

Terms and conditions:

Rules specify that entries must be shorter than 2 minutes and not include copyrighted material- music can be sung though which will give me a chance to show of my patented rock yodelling skillz. The entries must be recieved by Friday, the 29th of February but I’d like to have mine submitted on the 28th.

What’s the point of this post?

I’m asking for suggestions as to what Irish made or Irish themed movie should I swede. I’m aiming to do it in the medium of Lego but am open to making a fool of myself if needs be. I’ve done stranger things on film before. If there’s a special scene you can point out on YouTube, even better.

In the meantime, here’s every single Irish competition entry so far:

Some good sweded clips for inspiration:

Previously on Monscooch:



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  1. i still don’t really get this sweding lark…

  2. You should swede Michael Collins and his speech in front of a huge crownd ( or that song that Julia Roberts sings but give her a leprachaun accent.

    The Quiet Man is also a safe bet for leprachaun accents.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many lego figures or pretty much anything that would pass for suits and all that Irish 1910’s look. That’s unless Lego have issued an Easter Rising GPO set. That would be awesome.

    The Quiet Man isn’t really ideal either:

  4. I love love love lego movies
    of the top of my head you should do:

    – a scene from once thats without copywritten music
    – a scene from the commitments thats without copywritten music
    -a scene from breakfast on pluto that won’t be weird in lego
    😀 😀 😀

  5. The Commitments! The Commitments!!!!

  6. im with rick. or… what about trainspotting? or the full monty?

  7. hey… why didn’t mine do a pingback thing!? d’oh,
    i was thinking about it, and talking to some people… and so far i’ve got In The Name Of The Father… 😮

  8. If you did Boy Eats Girl chances are it’d be better than the original…

  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I was kinda hoping that The Commitments would come up. Now all I have to do is buy the DVD because I can’t remember a single scene.

    RP, it didn’t do a pingback on this post because you linked to the other swede-related post of mine as well. Or so I think.

  10. How about “My Lerft Foot”? You just need a camera and, well,…your left foot.

  11. blast the science!!! it’s funny, because the only other movie we (me and the people i live with) was inside i’m dancing… i was gonna say the commitments, but i assumed loads of other people would have!

    apart from that how about once… what with the oscar winning soundtrack and all?
    how about that film with matthew mcconnaughey with teh dragons, it was filmed up the wicklow gap somewhere?

  12. are you finished?!

  13. It’s on the way. Long story. I never entered it into the competition but the prizes weren’t worth the travel expenses in the first place. I’ll post about it soon. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I’ve got plans for an epic lego movie which is a good thing to come out my recent lego filming experiences.

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