The Commitments in Lego

March 5, 2008 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Lego Love, Movies | 6 Comments

Here’s how the timeline on this project went down:

Feb 19th: Announced the plans to swede an Irish or Irish themed film and asked readers to submit ideas.

Feb 20th: Rapture Ponies kindly advertises my plea

Feb 21st: First serious suggestions come in. The Commitments gets a mention. As does Breakfast On Pluto.

Feb 22nd: Bloscar winner Rick O’Shea demands The Commitments be legofied. That or Zardoz. I would totally do it except for the fact that it wasn’t Irish based and Lego don’t make figures with red nappies and knee high boots. Darn.

Feb 23rd: I don’t remember what happened that day. I was probably drunk.

Feb 24th: It’s my Mom’s birthday and I decided to spend the day hiding in case I had to buy a present.

Feb 25th: I make a 7am trip into Galway to buy The Commitments on DVD. I watch it, love it, and pick out certain scenes ideal for lego and copyright breaking is kept to a minimum.

Feb 26th: I decide to spend the day so incredibly sick, I hit my head against things from dizziness. Doctors said “Hitting your head is rarely good”.

Feb 27th: I record the voice track by myself. Using my iMac’s Garageband sound editing, I can change my voice’s pitch and tone. I can change into a Tom Waits impersonater, Dale Winton or some Star Wars creature. Note to self: Make musical starring Waits, Winton and Wookies.

Feb 28th: I rush to get all the sets built. After a few hours, I notice I have no cable to transfer the footage to the computer. Shite.

Feb 29th: I chance my arm to film directly to the Mac and edit the film in the space of two hours after being given a new transfer cable. I soon discover that it’s blindingly stupid to rely on editing a movie with no experience with the advanced editing program. I end up putting an incredibly rough cut together and just when I am ready to upload it onto YouTube, it crashes. Oh well.

Mar 1st: Orpees demands the movie is shown. Everyone in Internet land awaits response from the Monscooch camp.

Mar 2nd: I spend the day relaxing, knowing that popular bloggers are suffering from serious hangovers. I laugh with my online friends. Or my lack of.

Mar 3rd: With the deadline to the competion well and truly over, I rip the audio from the dvd and re-edit the movie. I fail to make it any more proffesional looking. I can argue that it’s meant to look crap in keeping with this whole sweding craze, you see.

Mar 4th: I upload the video onto YouTube. It accidentally gets deleted when I was deleting other videos. I fail to notice this and decide to go to sleep.

Mar 5th: I upload the video again. People are so shocked, afraid to view or comment on the the actual video for fear of their lives. Lego movies of such high standards often lead to death by funsies. If you dare look, here it is:

Mar 6th: The internet crashes because the video is so popular. Claims are made that the internet has no further use.



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  1. haha
    Legend man, made me wet myself. Really.

    Great work

  2. Zardoz might have been set in future Ireland. *sighs*

    You are an artist as always….

  3. Amaaaaaazing 😀

  4. Heh… you just got a mention on network 2

  5. Ben: That doesn’t sound good. Consult a doctor.

    Rick: So might Star Wars. That would make it less awesome.

    Annie: Oh, I know 😉

    Paul: Seriously? Is it because of my devilish good looks?

  6. Is that really all your own voice? that’s some impressive voice manipulating!

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