Poster Connections: Iron Man

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Here’s the brand new poster for the Jon Favreau directed comic book movie, Iron Man. After seeing the oh-so-very-awesome final trailer, I’m very much counting this as one of the top three comic book movies to look foward to this summer. This, alongside The Dark Knight (trailer here) and Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk revamp (trailer here) prove that superhero movies will never grow out of fashion (despite Craig Mazin’s best efforts).
I love movie posters and to study their compositions. As an excerise to merely show off that fact, I’ll compare posters to past greats. After the break, I have poster comparisons in part two of this super-exciting feature. What do you mean it’s not exciting? They’re posters, man. I mean, look at how moody Robert Downey Jr. is! Jeez, the things I do for you people….

The nearly idential poster to Iron Man in terms of design except mirrored: The explosion/ something flying on the side/ bad guy standing away at an angle/ the over-the-shoulder-look by the hottie (well, Jennifer Connelly was hot)/ a similarly coloured protagonist that can fly using jets:


The two of them are mostly based on the classic Drew Struzan designs (check his website now for proof and a lesson in how to make a classic film poster). One of his most famous being Harry Potter’s first film outing, The Philosophers’s Stone which as you can see…


…looks an awful lot like Macauly Culkin’s The Pagemaster because of the stupid glasses, columns on either side of the portrait, a grin you’d want to slap off his face and strangely similiar font:


Since all things eventually lead to him, here’s the poster Kevin Bacon’s epic masterpiece Stir Or Echoes. Similar to The Pagemaster in terms of colour with two colums again on both sides of the lead character’s portrait. Add in to the mix the fact that Stir Of Echoes is also “delightful” and “a magical fairy tale” and you’ve got a Mulder and Scully worthy conspiracy:


Kevin Bacon is finally connected to his own movie! He’s making the same face! Here’s an example of a 10-minute photoshopped poster as made by a lazy idiot:


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