Liam Is Such A Cry-Brady

April 9, 2008 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Sport, Television | 2 Comments

Arsenal employee and Irish coach managerial translator Liam Brady walked out of the RTE studios last night after the Gunner’s defeat to Liverpool in Champions League quarter-final match.

He was disappointed that RTE would show a frustrated Arsene Winger more animated than he’s known for being and said he wouldn’t be on the panel had he known that would happen.

When Eamonn Dunphy compared him to John Cleese’s Ministry Of Silly Walks so began the greatest football punditry I’ve witnessed since Dunphy on the departure of Roy Keane. Brady, as biased as they come, couldn’t pull his head out of Wenger’s Arsene which lead to the following video. At the start, Dunphy says “Woah, woah, woah, get off the fence, baby”:



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  1. Quick work Monscooch. Thought Liam was an absolute child on that show: hugely unprofessional. Shouldn’t be let near matches involving his precious Arseholes again.

  2. Funny stuff. Heard the match was a cracker but missed all this. Sorry but I had already recorded the top five when you sent it this week. I’ll put you in next week instead.

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