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April 30, 2008 at 8:27 pm | Posted in Music | 4 Comments

“Viva La Boobies On Album Covers”

Download the new single from Coldplay, ‘Violet Hill‘ for free here. The free download offer finishes on May 6th so get it now before resorting to get it elsewhere. Kidding, of course. But not really.

The new album from the band most people fall asleep to, ‘Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends‘, or VLVODAAHF as the cool kids will soon call it, will be out on June 12th.



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  1. was more U2-ish cos of eno in my opinion.

    for some reason I was/kinda still am expecting this album to be amazing.

    meanwhile completely shunned weezers new album.

    and why use torrents when slsk exists?

  2. I forgot Weezer’s new album is coming up! Thanks for that. I expect the Coldplay album to be the soundtrack to my summer much like the last two. Sure, it might be the popular opinion of others to hate whatever’s popular but screw those hypocrites.

  3. you haven’t heard Pork and Beans by Weezer yet?!
    listen to it now! like a pinkerton b-side.

    I view coldplay and travis as kings of a genre I’ve made up called “okay pop-rock”, both of those bands are fantastically okay but will never achieve full on greatness.

    yet for some reason the new coldplay album got me giddy.

  4. […] released a new single today available as a free download (not unlike Coldplay’s Violet Hill) until August 11th. Their fresh new song comes straight from 1983 (or 2005 when The Bravery, The […]

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