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Orpees has tagged me asking for 6 random facts about me:

1. I came up with the name Pedro Monscooch just over two years ago. I was crashing at a friend’s house for the night and was invited to his class party. To crash, I thought I’d give myself a whole new identity. An alter ego specifically for getting drunk in front of strangers. I was talking about Napoleon Dynamite previously that night so I thought a Spanish character named Pedro would be cool. The surname comes courtesy of a drunken Scottish man my friend met one day. I managed to pass myself off as Spanish by using in the Chanel 9 Neus style lingo i.e. “Methethethetheth, pethethethetheth, sminky pinky, Chris Waddle”.

2. The person I would like to hang with most would be Kanye West. Anne Hathaway would be a good alternative. She seems fun.

3. My career path is an ever changing one:

  • Employee down at Fragglerock
  • Artist that like guy who makes Bart Simpson. He’s funny.
  • Superhero like Batman or and adventurer like Mighty Max. He’s awesome.
  • Artist like TV’s Don Conroy
  • Videogame playtester who plays Sega Mega Drive all day
  • Artist like SMart’s Mark Speight (RIP)
  • Videogame Programmer via I.T. course in NUI Galway (aged 17- bad move)
  • Graphic Designer via Letterkenny IT
  • Blogger (Present day)
  • YouTube superstar like the Numa Numa guy
  • King of France (Near future)

4. My favourite movies to watch repeatedly as a child were The Shadow, Rocketeer, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Hook, Groundhog Day and Batman. I still love them.

5. The character of Nacho Libre is based on me in every way.

6. I had a ghost in my bedroom. Or so I think. I would sometimes wake up at dawn aged 7, and see a clear silhouette of a woman standing at the side of the window and peering out towards the spooky delapidated house behind mine. The house scared the bejesus out of me. It had dead butterflies stuck in the windows and beds that were upside down. Also, there were heads on a stick in the basement. Alright, the last part isn’t true. I do know having a ghost just stand there until I forced myself asleep again. And no, it wasn’t my mom.

Those are my six random facts about me. I’d tag other people but I’ve noticed that they’ve all done it before. Boutros-Boutros Ghali.


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  1. Where’s the door? I can’t seem to leave your weirdly compelling site.

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