That 70’s Freak Show

May 7, 2008 at 10:43 am | Posted in Graphics, Television | 4 Comments

I just bought the seventh season of That 70’s Show on DVD because I’ve watched theit’s much better than I remember. For the DVD cover however, it seems they just hired some look-a-likes to appear on the DVD boxset cover. Ashton Kutcher looks like he ran face-first into a wall, Topher Grace looks plastic (they all do to be fair, but especially Topher).

The six of them are magically stretched or bent to the same height even though Jackie (Mila Kunis- who only learned English at the age of 10) is tiny. Laura Preppon (Donna), however, is huge like gigantor the space age robot. Man, Gigantor was cool. He was just a giant robot minding his own business getting hassled on the streets of Tokyo all the time when all he wanted to do was play with this little boy. Wait. That’s not cool at all.

Bonus: That Sucky 80’s Show! Here’s the pilot episode to the sequel to That 70’s Show called That 80’s show: Part One/ Part Two/ Part Three

Fun fact: That 70’s show was set in late 1977 when the show started. It continued for 8 seasons which meant that it should’ve been set in early 1985 when it finished. I always thought they could’ve kept the same cast and evolve into That 80’s Show but what do I know? I’m an idiot who’s reduced to blogging.



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  1. that 80s show was amazingly terrible, 3 episodes were made i think?

    very odd looking cover, donna’s twice eric’s height.

    i thought eric left the show?

  2. The cover looks amazingly awkward and more 2d than usual if that possible haha. As if they used cardboard cut outs of the cast.

  3. B: He was absent for most of season 8. The story was mostly about him which is why I’m not looking forward to watching that when it comes out.

    Lazypen: Thanks for the blogroll listing dude. I don’t know how I came across your blog but you’ve some crazy cool lists there. Keep it up.

  4. haha thanks man i was wondering what attracted you to its ridiculousness.

    i’m a fan of what i’ve read of yours so far.

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