New Music: NKOTB/ NERD/ FOTC And Other Acronyms Edition

May 19, 2008 at 11:56 pm | Posted in Music | 1 Comment

I’ve written about NKOTB before (further proof in the picture above that Dannie Wahlberg is too macho to smile) but I don’t know what to say about their new tune “Summertime” that won’t make me like a big girl’s blouse if I admit to it’s synthesizer heavy greatness.

I’ll leave it to respected internet based critics tummitickel14 and JustaSideOrderOfLove. I tend to agree to their expert opinions:

“OMG! i am 11 AGAIN! EEEEEEEEE!!! the Lyrics! what a change! 😉 so Great! 😀 wish i could see them!! 😦 but alas..i live on the west coast of Canada! 😦 ah well…*sigh*”
“best song ever. if u dont like it u must be a FAG. loser. gay. homo. EVERYTHING ELSE!!”

Rather than smother the front page with a load of YouTube videos, I’m going to have to leave the new Coldplay, Flight Of The Conchords, N*E*R*D and much more for your entertainment after the break:

Busta Rhymes Versus Linkin Park:

As much as I’d like to say it’s Busta Rhymes in a fight to the death with the Linkin Park crew, it’s actually their new song. It’s the first single from Busta’s upcoming album called… something something. I forgot. The song itself is okay but the cross-rhythm is confusing as hell. At first, you think Busta is busting a rhyme to a totally different song but it comes together alright in the chorus. Here’s the brand new video.

I’d like to say it’s actually brand new but it’s been out for 2 weeks on YouTube. That makes it so last month. It’s the best song to feature both rapping AND shouting since the McNuggets rap and that, good sir, is no mean feat:

Gnarls Barkley: Going On

As Bosco’s cronies would say “Knock, knock, open wide, see what’s on the other side”.

Flight Of The Conchords:

The theme of the following video is: Roller skates. That is all. I prefer the TV series’ music video. For some reason, the self titled album seems very flat without the quirky videos.

Coldplay Dress Up:

Damn you, Coldplay! I was in the planning process of making a music video for Violet Hill with more or less the same theme. Except mine wasn’t going to involve guys looking in different directions, beating drums, climbing hills and using a microscope for no flippin’ reason. Mine was going to be more Michael Bay. Feck it, I’m still going to do it just to see which one is better.

Update: There’s an alternative video out and it’s still not as good as the one I have planned out in my head. Mine doesn’t have annoying interferences.

N*E*R*D Can’t Spell

Was the phenomenal “In Search Of…” a once-off? Their latest song “Everyone Nose” sounds like everything on “Fly Or Die” rolled into one.

Maroon 5 Featuring Rihanna:

I’ll summarize the description, analysis, interpretation and judgment of this video in three words: Rihanna is hot. It’s actually quite funky. Observe:

David Ford: Go To Hell

Here’s a single take, single camera video with a looping machine by somebody who tags his own videos with Damien Rice for obvious reasons.


Here’s KT Tunstall demonstrating the looping machine with a cover of The Jackson 5:


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