What’s Another Year?

May 21, 2008 at 1:59 am | Posted in Music, Television | 3 Comments

Oh, well. Dustin tragically didn’t make it into the finals of the 2008 Eurovision finals last night and for some reason, there’s more shock and disappointment amongst the local people than when Ireland failed to make it into UEFA Euro 2008. And to think, he was once a favourite to win the whole damn thing.

Some claim that a puppet representing a country into the Eurovision song contest makes a mockery of a competition that has been won by men in costumes and a man in a dress. It probably didn’t help that the song sounded like what I’d imagine a cluster bomb would be in music form: harmful and all over the place.

As others go about posting the best of previous Irish Eurovision entries, here’s a small selection of the chart-topping songs that Dustin has had in the past (without my help, I’ll have you know). I’ve left out a good few since they’re not actually on YouTube yet. They include such musical gems as the Joe Dolan duet “Good Lookin’ Woman“, “Christmas Tree” and who can forget everyone’s favourite “Harrell is a Lonely Dustin“.

Oh, all right then. Since everyone else is doing it, Ireland’s best Eurovision entry ever is after the break:



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  1. hahaha even Dustin couldn’t get Chris De Burgh an Irish number 1, d’you know how few singles you needed to sell to get number 1 here before they started counting downloads?

    We should get Neil Hannon to write another one for us.

  2. I was delighted he didn’t get through. It was a joke that only we were going to get and I really hope it is the last time Ireland enters the Eurovision. I won’t even be watching the show tonight – Britain’s got talent is far more entertaining!

  3. The last time I enjoyed a Eurovision contest in full would be in 1994 when Riverdance blew me away. There’s something about the synchronization of such a large group of people that hypnotizes me. The video still all tingly:

    Everything about the last Eurovision made me physically sick. I’m backing Terry Wogan on this one:


    I have to admit that the French entry by Sebastien Tellier was entertaining. Maybe it’s just because of the video:

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