Coldplay Are Dirty Thieves

June 20, 2008 at 2:16 pm | Posted in Music | 4 Comments

There’s controversy in internet-land this week. No, not that shitstorm in a teacup thing, it’s much more shocking than that. Everything I thought I knew has been turned upside down:

According to a creepy guy with a ridiculous pedophile mustache, a tongue with a mind of it’s own, horrible glittery T-shirt and no dancing abilities- a melody of his has been stolen by “coldplay + itunes”. Those bastards. He claims Chris Martin was at a gig of his and “seemed pretty into it… Maybe TOO into it?”. Too into it? Did he take off his pants and start dancing on the tables or something?

Sure, they’re “STRIKINGLY SIMILAR” but there is a key difference: Viva La Vida doesn’t suck. The official story is that the song was written and demoed back in March 2007 seven months before the Creaky version. It’s also been proved that some unlucky so and so looks exactly like Chris Martin because he was recording in London at the time he was spotted in a crowd in New York.

At least global superstars Creaky Boards were nice enough to wish Coldplay the best of luck in the future. After all, Chris Martin is only married to a Hollywood A-lister, has sold 300,000 album copies in three days and has a record deal – something Creaky Boards are so desperate to achieve the resort to claiming plagiarism.

Bonus: I’ve just found a blog entry by Creaky Boards singer/ songwriter Andrew Hoepfner. He says he too stole the song’s melody from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time soundtrack. Click here to hear it.

Other more plausible cases of plagiarism:

  • Coldplay stole from Joe Satriani
  • Timbaland stole from Abd El Halim and other Arabic superstars
  • Timbaland stole from some Finnish musician
  • Timbaland stole from… himself
  • Pachebel stole from Coolio
  • Something I’ve just noticed: The Tings Tings’ new single “Shut Up And Let Me Go” sounds an awful lot like Indeep’s “Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life“. Time for Indeep’s Michael Cleveland to don a creepy moustache and make a stupid viral video methinks. Wait, he already has a beard? Damn. It’s back to drawing board for me, then.


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  1. “Pachebel stole from Coolio” made me actually lol.

  2. I was wondering if anyone would notice 😀

  3. […] Posted on June 25, 2008 by raptureponies Equation = Monscooch + post about Coldplay = Pachebel stole from […]

  4. vitamin c stole from coolio too.

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