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July 11, 2008 at 11:04 pm | Posted in The Blog And I | 9 Comments

As part of my plan to blog more often, I’ve thought of a whole heap of new ideas and features I can incorporate into this web log of mine. The idea is that it will hopefully give this site some structure again because it’s all over the place lately (that’s when it’s sporadically updated mind you).

  • Countdown To Batman. I’ve started laying out posts to last from today for the next two weeks until the general release of The Dark Knight. I haven’t been so excited about a film in my life. Maybe Episode I had me weak at the knees for a few months but I didn’t know of the dissapointments that were due to follow (bar the awesome 3-man, 4-blade lightsaber fight in the end). In contrast, The Dark Knight is being hailed as a masterpiece regardless of the fact it’s based on a man dressed as a bat.
  • Countdown To Bond: I’ve been watching every single James Bond movie every Sunday since May 25th and hope to finish of the run with Quantum Of Solace. I’m thinking I might as well blog about the movies. Starts as soon as I get through Batman.
  • MMTV (Monscooch Music TV): This weekly feature will show off the best music videos by some of my old favourite guilty pleasures, one band or artist at a time. Some of them being lost classics, some them being just plain embarrasing for my reputation.
  • Monthly Monscooch Mixtape: Following on from my mixtape dedicated to mashups which at least two people were rather fond of, I’ll collect and upload a few themed mixtapes in genres I love.
  • Superheroes Sunday: This is an idea I haven’t fully fleshed out as of yet but going by the high standards of my other writings, you can count on it being completely amazing though.
  • Lego Love: In this revolutionary feature, I’ll post about my love for Lego. It literally took minutes to come up with the title. My fascination with Lego may play a part in the fact I have no girlfriend but I have a feeling that it’s because I’m so damn handsome. And brilliantly modest, too.
  • Monscooch Originals: I’ve got loads of videos planned out. Two of which I’ve actually recorded but am having trouble doing the editing and special effects for. I’m also sketching a lot more and have improved since that Cloverfield post (which went down a storm, I believe). Did I also mention that I’ve a concept for an album worked out. I came up with it when I was really drunk. All I have is the album title, the concept and the design for the cover.
  • I’m going to get into the habit of posting a bonus music video at the end of every post with maybe a fun fact or tangential story related to the post topic. I’ll do my best to post songs you never hear on the radio anymore. Some really old songs from, like, before 1999. Maybe they’re not on the radio because I’ve got awful taste in music but I doubt that that’s true. I’m awesome. It was in the news and everything.
  • There’s one idea that I’m working on which could change the Irish blogosphere. It’s very complicated, exciting and time consuming. I don’t know if I have the time, patience, smarts to figure out the logistics behind it. It’ll have to wait until I have holidays from work but by that time I might get bored with it and move onto another brilliant idea. I’m like Leonardo Da Vinci in that sense. Another similarity with L Da V: We’re both very hairy.
  • Random Top 10 lists: Everyone else is doing it so why can’t I? Hell, I’ve already done a list of ten things just now and I didn’t even plan to.
  • YouTube TV: I’ve found many classic TV shows on YouTube which I might as well gather. Some people seem to love the Peep Show collection I did a few months ago. I just wish they left a comment once in a while seeing as that page alone still gets over 30 views a day.
  • Badvertising: I love advertising gone wrong or pointless viral marketing so this feature will be a new regular.

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  1. I’m exhausted just reading all that 🙂 looking forward to reading it and intrigued at your idea for the blogosphere


  2. Wow! Fair play Mr Pedro. I don’t know where you find the time, but I’m very impressed.

    Also, if I can be of any logistical assitance with your ‘big plan’, please let me know.


  3. Ditto re: any help you might need as well.

    Also, was listening to the mashup mix you did – tis very good.

  4. Le Craic:
    Sorry, I’m getting into the habit of rambling. It’s to combat my lazy posting of YouTube videos.

    I don’t know where I find the time either. The movies I’m making and the album I’m currently writing are the most time consuming. I’m considering leaving my job since I don’t need money. In fact, I’m only there for a girl. That’s never good.

    Darren and Le Craic:
    RE: Thanks for the help offer. I’ll keep you both posted. I have a lot on my plate right now so it’ll take a couple of weeks.

  5. *is waiting with bated breath for the new world order*

    also, they’re showing Goldfinger in the cinema soon. you should go.

  6. Pedro, you’re the crown prinze of t’internet.

  7. Rosie: I just saw it a little over a month ago. As much as I love it, it wouldn’t be worth watching again. Thanks for the tip though.

    Orpees: If only I didn’t spend so much time maxin’, relaxin’, chillin’ and a coolin’ and do more blogging instead, I would be.

  8. Hey Pedro, wanna be a guest Top 5 compiler at My Top 5? We’re always looking for a fresh ideas etc.

  9. I’d love to, Tom. How would it work? Do you want me to record a 5 song podcast with whatever theme you want (*cough* preferably pre-1991 hip hop *cough-cough*)? I’m on holidays now so I’m free to try it if you want. I’ll even do some talking between.

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