New Music: Hayden Paniterarioshadabadu Can Sing (Apparently)

July 16, 2008 at 10:20 pm | Posted in Music | 3 Comments

As well as being the cutest thing since sliced bread, the cheerleader chick from Heroes can sing now. Or so the following video would have you believe. Imagine, if you will, a really funky tune that will get the crowd dancing on top of tables no matter the event (discos, weddings, trials, meetings etc) and think of this as the opposite to that.

For some reason, the video is so new that it still has the time marker thingy on the bottom of the frame with lawyer ninjas are bound to have it down soon. God forbid this would end up being free publicity.

The song itself is rubbish. It’s halfway between something that could pass for deaf people radio and Paris Hilton’s Stars Are Blind. As an expert on all things stuff-related going by the name kathyfosho eloquently puts it:

she stole my boyfriend. therefore i dont like her.
slut. but the song is catchy..

My thoughts exactly. Enjoy the song after the break.

Heh. The YouTube address has the work “rawk” in it. That couldn’t be more inappropriate. Well, that’s not entirely true. It could say “donkey on skates pleasuring a three-legged neo-Nazi cat”, for example. I have a bad feeling that my WordPress stats will show some really unpleasant google search results which lead people to this site…

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  1. Pedro.

    Pedro. Pedro. Pedro.

    I had so much faith in you!

    Sigh. At least you admit it’s rubbish but the girl cannot sing.

    And I’m not just being bitter because she’s the cutest thing since sliced bread. Ok, maybe I am a little.

  2. It is a fairly awful song, but she’s so damn pretty…

  3. Annie?

    Annie? Annie? Annie?

    I don’t actually understand what I did wrong here…

    At least Darren’s got his facts right 😉

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