Getting My Goat

July 29, 2008 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Meme, The Blog And I | 1 Comment

Darragh recently asked me what gets my goat. Well, I find the way the most effective ways to get a goat are: Tranquilizer guns/ a giant butterfly net/ a giant hole covered in leaves/ hire Kraven The Hunter/ asking the goat politely/ as a last resort leave a trail of free candy to a cardboard box (hey, if it works on James Woods, it’s worth a shot). Wait, that’s not the question at all… Ah, it’s one of those meme things with the rules being as follows:

  1. List two things that irritate you for a reason (listing the reason, naturally) and two things that irritate you for no good reason.
  2. Give credit to the person who tagged you: That would be the ever-fascinating Brain Darragh who, according the psychic in me, will win best blog next year at the Cork Internation Airport.
  3. Link your answers to the original blog:
  4. Tag four new people to participate.

I’ll dive straight into two random things that really get my goat:

Writers Block:

I recently detailed my future plans and I’ve just started my holidays. I’m looking at the mountain of work I’ve set aside for myself and I’m frustrated to the point of punching a wall. The current plan is to write a shitload of blog entries today to post during the rest of the week and then leave the rest of the week to making a kick-ass music video. My writer’s block is a monthly occurrence. Last week was especially tough as I’ve just been called a waste of talent by different people at least once a day for two weeks solid.

You may have noticed that I started a countdown to Batman. Due to some recent personal events, that will now become a Batman retrospective feature. While I love everything Batman to the degree that I have actually sat through every Batman cartoons and movies including the entire Batman & Robin feature in one sitting and the Adam West 1966 film in two (it’s a matter of endurance- there’s a limit to how much campness I can take in two hours). I couldn’t face blogging for the sake of some traffic. I’ll still review the films, comics, cartoons and what have you but I’ll do on my own time.

Tim Westwood:

Watch this video of him explaining that it’s okay to be a failure. Sure, he failed every single GCSE and is now 50 years old and somehow proud that he didn’t make it into any “hot universities”. I hate him for everything he stands for and the people he inspires to be like him. It’s the chav/ knacker/ charva/ skobie culture he represents that I hate most about him. The only thing I can respect about him is that we share a  love for hippity hoppity music.

He has a strange influence on global rap stars in that he can magically bring out the brain-dead alter ego in whoever he’s talking to. When he was “interviewing” (using a loose definition of the word) Jay-Z before his Glastonbury headlining he would say such gems as “Go hard brother number one”. Jay-Z, encouraged by the use of random words was compelled to scream “This is what it looks like. This is what it looks like!” into the camera. In a proper interview with Jonathon Ross, Jay-Z was able to hold his own and give an insight into his dark past as a drug dealer but in the presence of The Big Dawg (as Tim calls himself) he thinks he can get away with saying “We up in the building – it’s how we does”.

I love how Chris Moyles rips the piss on his radio presenting stlye on a regular basis:  Understand what that means! and Tim’s Travel Report

Two things that annoy me for very little reason:

The sound of ice being dropped into a glass:

I find it very unnerving and I don’t know why. There are things that I find discomforting which are understandable like seeing somebody being hit in the groin, someone barfing or a person landing on their hand. Worst case scenario is if a skateboarder is grinding a rail, loses his footing, falls with a leg each side, slides down only to land head-first in somebody’s vomit. Now that would be less weird than the chink of ice into glassware.

TV DVD Boxset Spines:

It’s the obsessive compulsive side of me that is constantly disappointed when a TV series boxsetis released and totally disregards the previous style used. Now, my bookshelf looks wonky because of lazy graphic designers. This upsets me.

Well, that was easy. Seeing as almost every blog I read has been tagged already, I’ll still like to openly reiterate the tagging to people in my blogroll who haven’t done it yet. Especially Anneelicious, Orpees, Rick O’Shea and Richard Madelay (as he responded to my last one for some reason).

Check out my previous posts on memes. I really like writing them so don’t be afraid in asking me to do another. It’s a nice change from writing about the things I usually write about (well, shit mostly).


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  1. […] Monscooch got completely the wrong end of the stick and was off out with his tranquillizer gun looking for goats before we could stop him. The Tim Westwood thing made me laugh – the best part of all that is other people taking him off! […]

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