Missing Tom Waits Tonight?

July 30, 2008 at 10:08 am | Posted in Music | 6 Comments

If you’re an unlucky son of a gun who can’t make it to the Tom Waits concerts at Phoenix Park starting tonight, then have I got a treat for you. Courtesy of the crazy cats at Fist Of Blog come these (hopefully working) links to a downloadable 140 minute Tom Waits concert by the NPR: Click here to stream or click here for the downloadable podcast on iTunes.

Recorded at Atlanta’s historic Fox Theater on July 5, Waits delivers a stunning and epic two-and-a-half hour performance, including songs he says he’s never attempted outside of the studio before. Backing Waits is a five-piece group featuring Seth Ford-Young (upright bass), Patrick Warren (keyboards), Omar Torrez (guitars), Vincent Henry (woodwinds) and Casey Waits (drums and percussion). “They play with racecar precision and they are all true conjurers,” says Waits. “They are all multi-instrumentalists and they polka like real men.”

The National Public Radio: Live Concerts From All Songs Considered is a fantastic free downloadable podcast which offer concerts from The Ting Tings to Explosions In The Sky, from Cat Power to Broken Social Scene present Kevin Drew. There are currently 85 downloadable episodes ranging from 20 minute video concerts to two and a half hour marathon sessions by The Frames.

The picture I used as the header is one of the best pictures of any artist I’ve ever seen. It was taken by photographer Anton Corbijn, who also directed Control, last year’s movie about the band Joy Division. It looks like something Tim Burton or Edward Gorey would dream up and somehow captures Tom Waits perfectly.



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  1. Here’s the setlist:

    Lucinda / Ain’t Going Down to the Well
    Down in the Hole
    Falling Down
    Chocolate Jesus
    All the World Is Green
    Cemetery Polka
    Cause of It All
    Till the Money Runs Out
    Such a Scream
    Hold On
    Black Market Baby
    9th and Hennepin
    Lie to Me
    Lucky Day
    On the Nickel
    Lost in the Harbor
    Innocent When You Dream
    Hoist That Rag”
    Make It Rain
    Dirt in the Ground
    Get Behind the Mule
    Hang Down Your Head
    Jesus Gonna Be Here


    Eyeball Kid
    Anywhere I Lay My Head

  2. Nice one, thank you.

    I’m going tonight but this will be an amazing warm up.

    Oh and Pheonix Park? Dan Le Sac reference?

  3. eee, i was going to go but baulked at the last minute at the €130 price tag. i will regret it.

  4. Thank you – you are godlike!

  5. We’re going on Friday if he lives that long.

  6. No problem guys. I thought it would come in handy to people. That podcast has some really good gigs on it. Enjoy the concert you two.

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