The NPH Shoe Fairy Visits Sesame Street

July 30, 2008 at 11:53 pm | Posted in Television | 3 Comments

This is the last Neil Patrick Harris related post today, I promise. You can expect to see a whole lot lot of blogging fodder coming from Sesame Street in the coming months especially when you see this highlight reel of the upcoming 39th season. Oh, to be a kid again. Wait, what am I saying that for? Hell, I still play with Lego. If you want to see LL Cool J hang with Elmo or a cake calling Jessica Alba “scrumptious”, please read on after the break.

In the following clip you’ll find guest appearances from Jessica Alba, Will Arnett, David Beckham, Jack Black, Kim Cattrall, Lorena and Lorna Feijoo, Leslie Feist, Neil Patrick Harris, Jonah Hill, Randy Jackson, Heidi Klum, LL Cool J, Jenny McCarthy, Megan Mullally, Sandra Oh, Mike Rowe, Jason Taylor, Tilly and the Wall, Patrick Warburton, Brian Williams and Chandra Wilson. Who knew that the viewers of Sesame Street would want to see a visit from LL Cool J and Kim Cattrall?

The clip also previews some spoofs including: 30 Rocks (30 Rock), Pre-School Musical (High School Musical) and Are You Smarter Than an Egg Layer (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?).



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  1. How does one get on Sesame Street these days? Seems like a pretty sweet gig.

  2. You have to be as cool as Patrick Warburton which is very hard seeing how awesome he was on Sienfeld or The Tick. That, or to be as inspirational to children as Kim Cattrall.

  3. Kim Cattrall never stops!
    She has been so busy this year. I keep seeing her all round the world. She is at fashion shows, openings, staring in films, I mean I just got her voice on my GPS from even.
    Nice clips by the way. I can’t wait for Sesame Street to be back on!

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