Recasting Movies: Get Smart

August 6, 2008 at 10:43 pm | Posted in Celebrities, Movies | 2 Comments

Every time I see Eddie Hobbs for a split second, I see Steve Carell. That makes it very confusing when Eddie Hobbs is on the cover of Irish current affairs magazines like Village. This sloppy photoshop was just an exercise for me but it’s got me thinking about possible follow ups. How many Irish TV and radio personalities would look good in blockbusters?

Get Smart is out in cinemas from August 22nd. Since it’s been released in the States since June 20th, you can read the reviews of the film well in advance.

I have top admit that I’m not the biggest Mel Brooks fan in the world. His second best work, next to 1968 classic The Producers of course, is this song he performed in To Be Or Not To Be that’s constantly played on my iPod. This song deserves a resurgence in TV and radio play from a certain DJ, become number one and then remixed by Justice. Here’s Hitler Rap with Mel Brooks as Hitler and some of the best/ most inappropriate choreography I’ve seen in a music video:



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  1. Love that vid. Runs off to add it to my iPod…

  2. Awesome. I was hoping someone would enjoy it 😀

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