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August 7, 2008 at 10:39 pm | Posted in The Blog And I | 7 Comments

Link is here. That is all. By the way: funniest motivational poster ever?



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  1. Ha! Cool!

  2. Found these classics too:

  3. I commented a second ago all about motivational posters but it won’t go through. Maybe it’s because I disagreed with your poster being the best. “Envy – it wears a coat and hangs out in hallways” and “afroduck” were my select choice. Maybe it’ll work without the links.

    I love motivational posters.

  4. Thanks for the comments dudes. I don’t know why there was a delay with the comment Bngr. Maybe it’s the spam check because links are usually flagged or something.

  5. BTW, I’m working on that meme you tagged me with, Darren. It’s a hard one to write seeing as this isn’t the most personal blog in the world.

  6. Don’t worry about it. Just have fun with it.

  7. That comment was from me. I was accidentally logged in as Lottie. 🙂

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