New Music: Ben Folds – Way To Normal

August 7, 2008 at 10:38 pm | Posted in Music | Leave a comment

Here are some super-official songs from Ben Fold’s upcoming album, Way To Normal, in case you thought otherwise. Confused? I’ll leave the explaining to Wikipedia:

On 16 July 2008, an anonymous user posted what they claimed was a “leak” of Ben’s latest album on fan site The file contained nine tracks along with a PDF of supposed cover art, and was a mix of what appeared to be legitimate songs from Way to Normal and bizarre pastiches of foul-mouthed humor and melodramatic pop. It is generally believed by Folds’ fanbase that the file was leaked by Ben himself in an elaborate joke, however, the truth apparently will only be revealed when the real album becomes available.

After the break are two new songs: Hiroshima has an official stop-motion animation music video that won’t exactly give the Robot Chicken guys a run for their money and a leaked version of his duet with Regina Spektor.

Above is Hiroshima by Ben Folds. I remember this chorus as an evoultion of an improvised song he performed in Berlin last year- one that I actually blogged about this time last year. The song takes it’s hook from something an audience member screamed. Here’s one of his many versions of Rock This Bitch:

Here’s his Regina Spektor duet called You Don’t Know Me:

Way To Normal is released on September 30th.


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