Terry Wogan Quits Eurovision

August 12, 2008 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Music, Television | 4 Comments

The most entertaining aspect of the Eurovision, Terry Wogan, has confirmed he will no longer present the Eurovision Song Contest for the BBC after 37 years.

In this year’s contest, Britain’s Andy Abraham only earned 14 points, while the Russian winner Dima Bilan bagged 272.

Commenting on the 2008 contest, Wogan said: “Days before the show, I knew Russia would win. The fact is, Putin was getting nasty, which means the former satellite states were always going to vote for Russia in order to keep the oil coming.

“It’s unfortunate, I suppose, but whereas we have always taken Eurovision with a pinch of salt, the former Eastern Bloc countries are not sufficiently versed in the ways of democracy to realise they are supposed to be voting for a song, not a next-door neighbour.”



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  1. Jaysus, I hadn’t heard this. Ah Terry, it won’t be the same without you 😦

  2. He’ll change his mind. He loves it really!

  3. I read that alright. He was talking about how he didn’t think the BBC was the best broadcasting organisation any more. I think he’s an insufferably smug twit but I can understand why people will miss his Euro commentary.

  4. He was that voice of reason to make daring observations about the utterly flawed competition that used to be great. Apologies by the way for the scary image of him. I think it’s from an ad.

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