What To Expect At The 2009 Blog Awards

August 13, 2008 at 10:21 pm | Posted in The Blog And I, Viral Videos | 8 Comments

[above: highlights from last year’s event- please watch until the end]

The Irish Blog Awards 2009 will take place in Cork on February 21st in the Cork Airport International Hotel so book your room now. Like the last time, I probably won’t be able to go. Mostly because I’ll be sore from the fact there won’t be a Best Use YouTube Clips Award as that’s the only category this blog would fall under. There’s also the Blog Of The Year and with Twenty Major pulling out of the race before it even starts, I might be in with a chance. Major kudos to Damien Mulley for the amazing voluntary organization of the event.



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  1. I wonder if context would make that more or less disturbing?

    Also, best ever use of youtube captions.

  2. Trippy!

  3. Jaysis, I didin’t know me dancing like that had been caught on video. The rest though is pretty much as I remember it 😛

  4. Emordino: I thought it was best for me to let people come to their own conclusions 😉 Damien Mulley called me “a bad man. A bad, bad man” for posting this.

    Darren: I’m loving the bowler hat 😉 I could never pull off that look. You know, because of my awesome ‘fro.

    Darragh: I can’t blame you for being caught up in the moment like that.

  5. Who needs a hat with a ‘fro that’s so…you know!

  6. Wish I could caption like that…

  7. hahahahah that’s mental!!!!

    I’m raging I didn’t find that room! Ah well.

  8. […] video just to show that the award ceremony isn’t all dancing and falling over (as seen in this old post of mine). The Irish Blog Awards shortlists were released today. Congrats to all. I would’ve loved to […]

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