October 16, 2008 at 9:10 pm | Posted in Music | 2 Comments

Fact: I am awesome on the guitar. I was only reminded by Anneelicious’ post. Unfortunately, I’m very shy so I never perform in public. One of my biggest dreams is to perform a huge one man band style concert like Paul McCartney did on TFI Friday a few years ago (Through the magic of YouTube, I’ve found it here). If you aren’t so great on guitar, but have no problems performing in public anyways, then have I got the site for you.

It’s called Songsterr. The extra “r” is because the site was most likely named by a pirate. Unlike most guitar tablatures where you have a whole lot of numbers and dashes, you’re given proper sheet music and accompanying music so you know when to strum. Since the time I was going to originally post this in August (I’ve been busy), the guys behind Songsterr have added more instruments than the simple classic guitar it lauched with, bass tabs, multitrack options, alphabetical nativgation, searches, difficulty classification, and, last but not least, a print button (I like that feature the most. Well, until there’s a button that has an automated voice tell me how handsome I am).

They are constantly uploading a load of songs. So much so that the front page can’t store them anymore. Visit Songsterrrrr now, me hearties.



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  1. My problem is that I’ve being playing guitar for years but at a house party when someone hands me a guitar I only remember snippets of chords and bits from songs. Do you have a tool that can help me with that

  2. Ooo I like that site Pedro, I shall deffo give that a go this weekend.

    Tom, I have the exact same problem except most of the songs I can remember are from the 90’s which is even worse.

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