Top Three Tunes: Beyoncé’s Classical Cash In My Pocket

December 27, 2008 at 10:57 pm | Posted in Music, Top Three Tunes | 1 Comment

Every single Saturday from now on (until the moment I stop blogging again) I will pick three songs that I’ve been listening to all week and you’ll enjoy it, damn it. The first of which being my pick of what’s hot on the radio/ MTV (if it actually was showing music videos on television and not planning 16 new reality shows). The second is my favourite song that’s bound to be huge like Godzilla if Godzilla was somehow huge in the charts. The third song will be more random than David Seaman driving a Renault 16TS into a swimming pool of jelly but equally visually stimulating.

Wiley- Cash In My Pocket (produced by one-trick pony Mark Ronson): When I first saw this music video, I just thought “I have to make my own version of this video”. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience to coreograph one or friends. As good as the song is, just how hot is the black haired woman at 3:41? I think it’s bounciness of her curly hair. I love her.

Beyoncé Knowles- Halo: Frist off, keep in mind that I’m a manly man who loves steak, boobs and football but never at the same time. This song, while not cool to admit it, is great and should be the next Umbrella. You can quote me on that -if only because I’ve never been quoted before and would like to know how it feels – I bet it somehow makes your arms all tingly. The chord progression means it’s instantly catchy and the moment the drums come in just when you think the song is ending (around three minutes in) is made of pure awesomenecessity. I should know for I, too, am awesome.

Mason Williams- Classical Gas: Here’s a young and hairy Rick O’Shea playing Classical Gas. Who knew he was just so damn talented on the old guitar? I wish the above preview wouldn’t ruin the fact that there’s an orchestra coming in after a minute. Surprise! Ah, frig. So yeah, you can probably tell that my musical taste is literally all over the shop. As is the use of the word “literally”.


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  1. I reeeeally like that Beyonce tune, very Umbrella-esque. She’s got some lungs on her.

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