Exclusive: The New Doctor Who

January 3, 2009 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Television | 8 Comments


Here’s an exclusive picture posted above of the yet-to-be-announced eleventh Doctor Who. They’ve really outdone themselves with this decission. The change in the design of the Tardis is most confusing seeing as it’s almost entirely made of glass.

Update: This post was meant to be published automagically last Saturday in a cheap attempt to grab traffic before the BBC screened it’s official unveiling. They ended up going along the same lines as David Tennant but with added kookiness in some guy called Matt Smith (pictured here). He looks like a cross between Robert Pattison from the Twilight movie(s), Rupert Everett and Vigo from Ghostbusters (Google him and tell me I’m not wrong, I dare ya).



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  1. Jaysis, Darren looks great in a dicky bow, doesn’t he?

    (and he seems to have lost weight!)

  2. Or… a young Tom Waits. Or at least an old Tom Waits with a face lift.

  3. Darragh- You still can’t deny he’s got style

    Gamma Goblin- Oh screw Matt Smith, Tom Waits would be brilliant.

  4. I’m only just playing catchup now…


    If only…

  5. […] Rick was the new Doctor? Jaysus. Missed that. […]

  6. If only I could carry off a dicky bow that well…

    I love this. The Tardis needs work though. 🙂

  7. That Tardis is better looking than most phone boxes around now. It’s got all it’s original plexiglas sides, the phone is still attached and little to no visible urine stains.

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