We’re All Going To Mars Lads, Wahey!

July 31, 2008 at 8:54 pm | Posted in World News | Leave a comment

News has just broken 3 minutes ago of water on Mars. We can finally leave this dying planet to Wall-E and the like. Via The Press Association:

3 minutes ago: The Phoenix spacecraft has tasted Martian water for the first time. The robot heated up soil in one of its instruments earlier this week. Scientists say the chemical test confirms the presence of ice near the Martian north pole. Until now, the evidence for ice has been circumstantial. It was based on photos Phoenix took of a hard splotchy area near its landing site and changes it saw in a trench.Phoenix landed in the Martian arctic on May 25 on a three-month digging mission. Nasa said it was extending the mission an additional two months.

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