Top 25 Best Songs Of 2008 In Mashup Form

December 31, 2008 at 11:58 pm | Posted in Music | Leave a comment

masupDJ Earworm is at it again. No, not eating babies or selling drugs to cats somehow (I would too but the logistics behind it is bewildering right now as I think my cat has just spiked my drink and I can’t seem to think straight or punctuate). Just as he did this time last year, he took the top 25 songs on and mashed them all together and calls it The United States Of Pop.

He proves in one 5-minute hodgepodge (best word ever, btw) that all songs sound the same. Mr DJ of the Earworm family said: “This year in the charts, we’ve gone all soft. The songs are sexy and defiant, less macho than in previous years. Accordingly, I’ve selected Coldplay as the instrumental track, giving the whole year a sort of symphonic feel. This edit is called “Viva La Pop”, and I hope to post more edits soon.” Watch! Now!

Download the song here if you are so inclined. In case you wanted more, you can check out the much more aggressive 2007 mix here. For something along the same lines but in an hour-long format with a much cooler electro feel, check out the AM.FM.PM mix here. The list of songs (not all are from 2008) used by Earworm can be found after the break. Happy new year, yo. Continue Reading Top 25 Best Songs Of 2008 In Mashup Form…

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