Joaquin Pheonix Says “Bye! Good” To Sanity

January 21, 2009 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Celebrities, Music | 5 Comments


Footage of Joaquin Pheonix debuting his new rap music has surfaced. For those who don’t know, Joaquin announced his retirement at the Paul Newman remembrance celebration last October and that he was moving into making rap music. He’s currently being mentored by Sean Diddy Combs with an album in the works to be produced by Mister Diddy.

Pheonix is also being followed by his To Die For co-star and brother-in-law Casey Affleck as part of a documentary following his budding hippity hoppity career. And now, here’s the moment you were waiting for… Johnny Cash rapping:

His “flow” isn’t exactly what one would typically refer to as “whack, son”. At one point, things get a bit too hectic and he falls off the stage but I’ve seen worse instances of artists falling on their faces. What’s more painful are his lyrics. I’m sure he was going to step up his lyricism a notch before he fell off stage: “One, two, yo fix my shoe. My name’s Joaquin and I like to sniff glue. Hey Joaquin, hey Joaquin! It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday. Throw your arms in the air if you’ve got inappropriately long hair and lyrics that have no rythm, yes.”

Joaquin’s new career as a crazy person has been a long time in the making as evident in his acceptance speech for last year’s People’s Choice Awards where he spelt his own name wrong:



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  2. Really? No, really? Wtf?

  3. Afraid so. I’ve a bad feeling about this…

  4. What in the name of good God is going on there?! He doesn’t look confident rapping at all. Epic fail.

  5. It’s just so insane… i’ve heard it’s all a conspiracy, that he’s not really gone mad… that it’s all an act.

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